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Sand Dunes

Last summer, we headed way up north to Ilocos to discover it’s wonders. I was surprised and amazed of how beautiful the province is! They have awesome beaches, amazing food, and a rich and dynamic history that tugs your heart.

There were a lot of wonderful places in the region that we went to, but I chose to post Paoay Sand Dunes first. It is located in the northern province of Ilocos, a good 4-5 hours in about 100 kph run. The sand dunes are not just any other sand dunes, a few popular filipino movies were shot here - Panday, Temptation Island, to name a few. It offers quite a small amount of activities in a very out-of-nowhere environment. You could opt to go 4x4, ATV, Sand boarding or just probably wander around.

It is seemingly a dessert. And having very high temperature may discourage you. But I advice that you go by 4-6 pm or 7-9 am to avoid the scorching heat. With this, you could enjoy the sand activities a lot more than going at high noon. The experience was pleasurable, the ATV ride, most especially was heart stopping. It was a cross between race car driving rush and a roller coaster ride experience. It perfectly suits adrenaline junkies for you drive to a high hill of sand, and drive down to a seemingly 80 degree angle fall. We were all so scared, since my family and I are not fans of adrenaline filled activities, but the try was all worth it! It was scary (for us) but gives you so much fun and enjoyment. I highly recommend you try it. And oh! Did I mention, you get an overlooking view of the province and the beach? Yes! Beach. So pack your bags and plan your next summer!

See more photos here. Or click here.

Dressed for Comfort

Figuring out what to wear for school could be very tricky. So a lot of students wear anything they find first on their closets. Sometimes, we dress, not extravagantly, but comfortably. But of course, we don’t have to sacrifice looking presentable for being plainly comfortable. Wear something that feels right, feels good. You make your own choices, but don’t be afraid to dress up once in a while. Always try to feel comfortable, but presentable - a style philosophy for many models, A-list celebs, and fashion bloggers.